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Stressdots Products for the Corporate Consumer

Volume discounts are available on most of our products.

Best Buy! Health Fair Kit

The Health Fair Kit features three Stressdots products:

  • One Stressdots Poster
  • One Stressdots Strip Jumbo Pack (1,000 Stressdots)
  • Ten Stressdots Flyer Packs (1,000 flyers)

Item # SF-HFKT -- Price: $165.00

Best Buy! Educational Starter Kit

The Educational Starter Kit is a smaller version of the Health fair Kit. The Educational Starter Kit features three Stressdots products:

  • One Stressdots Poster
  • Four Stressdots Strip Mini Packs (400 Stressdots)
  • Four Stressdots Flyer Packs (400 flyers)

Item # SF-ESKT -- Price: $89.00

Stressdots Poster

A colorful informative teaching aid for use in your stress management program. 17" x 22" poster features bold colorful graphics and clear easy to follow directions for monitoring stress levels.

Item # SF-POSTR -- Price: $9.95

Stressdots Strip Packs

Jumbo Pack
Jumbo Packs contains 100 Stressdots strips. Each strip holds 10 Stressdots that easily adhere to the hand with a hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive. 1000 Stressdots per Jumbo Pack.

Item # SF-SDJUM -- Price: $88.95.

Volume discounts available

Mini Pack
Mini Packs contains 10 strips, totaling 100 Stressdots per pack.

Item # SF-SDMIN -- Price: $12.95.

Volume discounts available

Stressdots Kits

Each kit contains 25 "You & Stress" brochures and 25 Training Cards.

Item # SF-SDKT -- Price: $52.95.

Stressdots Training Cards

Wallet-sized Training Card includes strip of 10 Stressdots, and instructions for use. Cards are purchased in packs of 25.

Item # SF-SDTC1 -- Price: $49.95
Volume discounts available

Stressdots Flyer Pack

Bold, multicolored, flyers are intended for use with individual Stressdots. Stressdot Flyers provide a seven-color temperature chart, directions for using Stressdots, a relaxation exercise, and a brief explanation of skin temperature and stress levels. Each pack contains 100 Flyers.

Item # SF-FLYRPK -- Price: $12.50
Volume discounts available

Stressdots Training Manual

Manual helps the reader understand the principles and develop the techniques needed for successful stress management. Manuals are sold individually.

Item # SF-TRMN -- Price: $15.95

"You and Stress" Brochure

Fun, interactive brochure includes a “stress test,” an explanation on the role of Stressdots in recognizing stress, and exercises to relieve stress. Brochures are sold in packs of 50.

Item # BF-YOUSTR -- Price: $9.95