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Stressdots Products for the Individual Consumer

Stressdot KitsPersonal Stressdot Kit

Each kit contains a "You & Stress" brochure and 1 Training card with 10 Stressdots.

Item # SF-ISDKT -- Price: $12.95.

Stressdots Training Cards - Personal Pack

Stressdots Training Cards are so popular with corporate Employee Assistance Programs and Stress Management Trainers that we created the Stressdots Training Cards - Personal Pack. The Personal Pack is for individual use or to give to friends. The popular, wallet-sized Training Card includes a strip of 10 Stressdots, instructions for use and a simple relaxation exercise that can be practiced anywhere. Personal Stressdots Training cards are purchased in packs of 5.

Item # SF-SDTC3 -- Price: $12.95

Stressdots Strip Refill Pack

The Refill Pack contains 5 Stressdots strips of 10 Stressdots each that can extend the life and value of your Stressdots Training Kits and Stressdots Training Cards. When you use your last Stressdots just apply another strip of dots.

Strips have an adhesive backing that allow then to adhere securely to the Training Kits and Training cards so you have your Stressdots and all that valuable information in one place. Each Refill Pack contains five strips of 10 Stressdots for a total of 50 Stressdots per Refill Pack.

Item # SF-SDREF -- Price: $8.95

Stressdots Poster

This four-color poster is both colorful and useful. Each poster features bold colorful graphics and clear easy to follow directions for using Stressdots to monitor your stress levels. Size is 17" x 22".

Item # SF-POSTR -- Price: $9.95

Each Stressdots strip holds 10 Stressdots. Stressdots adhere easily to the hand with a hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive.